Dressage League

Dressage league, Sunday’s 8th November, 13th December and FINAL 10th January.
Competitors must compete at 1 out of the first 2 weeks to be eligible for prizes at the final.
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Sunday 8th November – Week 1 Results

Assisted Intro C
1st Ruby McCullins Humbug (g)
2nd Isla hanna Lily (m)
3rd Annabel Manson Barney (g)
Unassisted Intro C
1st Jackie Hanna Paddy (g)
2nd Georgia Rea Jasper (g)
3rd Debbie McClean Marge (m)
4th Leanne Adams Beechmount Maggie (m)
5th Janene Gamble Castlegore Lad (g)
6th Natalie McCullins Rocky (g)
Prelim 2
1st Kerry Taylor Star (m)
2nd Helen Meldrum Bally Captain (g)
3rd Robyn McMurray Rosemount Roulette (m)
4th Lauren Clarke Rocky (g)
5th Mandy Gillespie Ash hill smoothie (g)
6th Joan Gibson Megan (m)
Prelim 13
1st Kerry Taylor Star (m)
2nd Katie Flanagan Rusty (g)
3rd Laura Mckay Honeyhill Caramel (m)
4th Ben Foster Las de coeur (g)
5th Laura Fekkes Finn (g)
6th Christine Newton Jimmy (g)
Novice 23
1st Michelle Strange Quality Galore (g)
2nd Nicola Tann Greenans May (m)
3rd Penny Murphy Kontiki (g)
4th Alison Baird TMS Freya (m)
5th Helen Hoffin Rachel (m)
Novice 27
1st Barbara Hanna Maverick (g)
2nd Jill Hobson Miss Hanne J Walker (m)
3rd Laura Fekkes Finn (g)
4th Nuala McNally Song of Charm (g)
5th Michelle Strange Quality Galore (g)
6th Laura Fekkes Harry (g)
Elementary 40
1st Jill Hobson Miss Hanne J Walker (m)
2nd Barbara Hanna Rock Babylon (m)
3rd Penny Murphy Ebony (m)
4th Nicola Tann Greenans May (m)
Medium 61
1st HELEN FAULKNER Derrivane Danny (g)
2nd Louise Spence Maverick (g)

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