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Here you will find results from various events:

Dressage Results 27/06/21
Intro C Assisted
1st Annabel Manson Barney
2nd Lizzy Taylor Johnny
Intro C Unassisted
1st Stephanie Farren Clancy
2nd Courtney Goudie Rushall Ruby
3rd Sarah McCarthy Ladyhill Cool Imp
4th Stephanie Farren Lacy
5th Georgia Rea Jasper
6th Megan Matthews Tadhg
Prelim 7
1st Cora McNulty Lady Epona
2nd Martina McKinley Will Scarlet
3rd Ashlee Ervine Fuzzy
4th Sandra Murray Alfie
5th Stephanie Farren Clancy
6th Tracey Manson Gortfree Merry
Prelim 14
1st Jacqui Lewis Dunore Fast and Furious
2nd Nadine McClelland Lucey
3rd Sandra Murray Alfie
4th Tracey Manson Gortfree Merry
5th Martina McKinley Will Scarlet
6th Judith Hitch Hollie
Novice 28
1st Natasha Degnan Nanaimo
2nd Jacqui Lewis Dunore Fast and Furious
3rd Nadine McClelland Lucey
4th Allison Matthews Tadhg
Novice 38
1st Christine Newton Jimmy
Elementary 45
1st Barbara Hanna Maverick
2nd Julie Dauncey Summer
Medium 73
1st HELEN FAULKNER Derrivane Danny
2nd Barbara Hanna Rock Babylon