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Here you will find results from various events:

Derby – Sunday 9th August

The weather was lovely for Knockagh View’s Outdoor derby on Sunday, once again the course was excellent, designed by Colm Quinn.  Thank you to our Judge Paul Johnston who did a top job!  Photographer David McDonald was kept fit getting great pictures of competitors in the arena and out on the derby lane. 


30cms – clears
Isla Hanna, Lily; Lizzy Taylor, Johnny; Taddie McBrien, Daisy; CJ O’Brien, Candypops; Annabel Manson, Barney; Kate McDowell, Honey; Jaden Farren, Millie

50cms – clears
Aimee Irwin, Bailey

1st Kate Spence, Umgall Bridge
2nd Tracey Manson, DJ
3rd Maxine Martin, Annie
4th Claire Dobbin, Louie
5th Claire Tollerton, Fuzzy
6th Faith Black, Star Choice

1st Toby Davison, Prince
2nd Bianca McElnea, Rosso Tramonto
3rd Mya Morrison, Levante’
4th Ellie Hynds, Willow
5th Stephanie Farren, Annie
6th Tracey Manson, DJ

1st Coral Logue, Franklin
2nd Tara Murphy, Kontiki
3rd Tara Murphy, Ebony
4th Julia Fieldon, Cadbury
5th Cora McNulty, Pippa
6th Nikita Kidd, Whisper